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    Aarhus has plenty of experiences, events and attractions to offer – that are just waiting for you to explore them. The following page gives you an idea of the upcoming happenings and events in the city, so that you can get inspired and maybe find a good reason to come to visit The City of Smiles. Furthermore, we, at Hotel Oasia, has compounded some different inspirational stays that might be of your interest.

    Crazy Christmas Cabaret9th of January till 12th of January 2019Hermans Kulturhus
    Århundredets Festival1st of March till 10th of March 2019In and around Aarhus
    Offentlig digitalisering konference (conference in digitization)13th of March till 14th of March 2019Musikhuset and Radisson Blu
    E-Handel Danmark (conference)21st of March 2019Hermans Kulturhus
    Maria de Buenos Aires31th of March till 1st of April 2019Musikhuset
    Flash Dance – the Musical20th of April till 11th of May 2019Musikhuset
    Forskningens døgn24th of April till 30th of April 2019Aarhus University
    Terkel – Motherfårking Musical1st of May till 12th of May 2019Hermans Kulturhus
    Spot Festival2nd of May till 4th of May 2019All around the city
    Internet Week7th of May till 12th of May 2019All around the city
    Spor Festival9th of May till 12th of May 2019All around the city
    Kong Arthur på Moesgaard Museum (outdoor theatre)23th of May till 29th of June 2019Moesgaard Museum
    Classic Race Aarhus24th of May till 26th of May 2019Marselisborg Slotspark, Aarhus
    Aarhus Vocal Festival30th of May till 2nd of June 2019All around the city
    Aarhus Kræmmermarked (Hawker’s market)30th of May till 2nd of June 2019Tangkrogen, Aarhus
    Verdensbilleder – Explore the World with Aarhus31st of May till 1st of June 2019All around the city
    Aarhus Pride1st of June 2019All around the city
    NorthsideSecond weekend in June 2019Åbyhøj, Aarhus
    Bestseller City Half Marathon16th of June 2019All around the city
    Aarhus Jazz Festival13th of July till 20th of July 2019All around the city
    Moesgaard VikingetræfMoesgaard Museum
    Grøn Koncert21st of July 2019Aarhus N
    The Tall Ships Races 20191st of August till 4th of August 2019The harbour, Aarhus
    DHL stafetMindeparken, Aarhus
    Smukfest7th of August till 11th of August 2019Skanderborg
    Aarhus FestugeAll around the city
    Food Festival6th of September till 8th of September 2019Tangkrogen, Aarhus
    Ringenes Herre Live (Lord of the Rings live)From 31st of October 2019Musikhuset
    Christmas in Tivoli FrihedenTivoli Friheden
    Christmas in The Old Town MuseumThe Old Town Museum

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