Boutique- & Design hotel, Hotel Oasia

We have an enclosed yard with a limited number of parking spaces, so parking cannot be guaranteed. Instead, we recommend that you send us a parking requirement well in advance before your stay.

Alternative parking

Public parking spaces in fron of the hotel

If our own parking spaces are fully booked, we can refer to the public parking just outside the hotel.

Price per hour
Weekdays08.00 – 19.0022 kr.
Weekdays19.00 – 23.0010 kr.
Saturday08.00 – 16.0022 kr.
Saturday16.00 – 23.0010 kr.
Sunday & holidays08.00 – 18.005 kr.

Scandinavian Congress Center

We sell parking tickets to the Scandinavian Congress Center which is located approx. 300 meters from the hotel. The price is DKK 150 DKK per day.

When using parking at the Scandinavian Congress Center, we draw attention to the special rules and guidelines below.

When parking at the Scandinavian Congress Center the car must be registered with us – max. half an hour after arrival


Charging electric cars

Unfortunately we do not have charging stations in our parking yard. However, there are many charging stations around public places and roads in Aarhus.

Overview: Charging stations from Clever

  • Musikhuset Aarhus, Aros Allé: 454 m
  • ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aros Allé 2: 502 m
  • DOKK1, Hack Kampmanns Plads 2: 942 m
  • Bruuns Galleri, Værkmestergade 27: 1.6 km from Hotel Oasia

See overview map here

Overview: Charging stations from E.ON

  • Tietgens Square: 1.2 km from Hotel Oasia
  • Emanuel Sejers Gade: 1.6 km from Hotel Oasia

See overview map here