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    Environmental policy

    Hotel Oasia Aarhus is constantly working towards achieving new goals in the aim of being an environmentally-friendly company. In autumn 2012 we got certified as a Green Key- company.

    Green Key is an international available eco-label awarded to leisure organizations in more than 50 countries worldwide. The eco-label can be awarded to hotels, hostels, conference and holiday centres and other leisure businesses.

    At an international level, the eco-label programme is managed by FEE International (known for the Blue Flag programme), which is presented in about 80 countries.

    Besides the “Green Key”-certification, we also primarily serve ecological and organic products in our breakfast buffet, which is why we have also achieved silver in the the Danish “The Økologiske Spisemærke”.

    Green Key – Green Dreams

    We think of the environment – and your comfort

    You have chosen a Green Key hotel. This means that you are automatically helping to preserve the environment, as we meet Green Key`s environmental requirements.

    We make it easier for you to care for the environment without diminishing your experience and comfort

    Regarding energy the hotel reduces CO-climate impact by energy-efficient lighting, control on lighting, heating and ventilation. The hotel is equipped with water saving toilets, faucets and showers and cleaning and washing is done with respect for the environment. In addition, the hotel has an enviromental policy and is continiously setting new goals for the environmental work. All this is done with an ongoing education and involment of the staff.

    Welcome to the Green World

    Green Key is awarded to tourism businesses that make an extra effort to protect the environment. A Green Key business must comply with environmental criteria on saving electricity, water and heat consumption and using environmentally friendly organic products.

    All Green Key companies are approved by a dedicated panels of experts and monitored regularly to ensure they meet the requirements.

    Help us stay Green

    You have chosen a Green Key hotel. This means that you are automatically helping to preserve the environment, but as a guest you can still help by;

    • Using the towels an extra day
    • Saving water
    • Drink more water from the tap – and less bottled water. In Denmark the tap water is perfectly clean.
    • Switching off lights and heating when not required
    • Paper, newspapers, cans, glass and plastic bottles can be placed on the table or next to the trash can. We will then take care of the garbage sorting.

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