Happy Traveller – Newsletter

As a member of the Happy Traveller Club I accept that Hotel Oasia uses my personal information in sales channels in terms of marketing which may be; special offers, invitation for events, newsletters etc. communicated by mail, SMS, letter or otherwise.



The conditions apply to all websites, clubs for customers and channels for sale owned by Oasia.dk. According to the Law on Personal Data, hoteloasia.dk is obliged to protect my privacy. The extent of the conditions may be changed without my consent, so it is advised to keep abreast of conditions. If you have questions concerning personal information, hoteloasia.dk can always be contacted.


With the market as a purpose hoteloasia.dk is allowed to use my personal information. The information can be used in special events, offers and news disseminated by sms, mail, letter or otherwise. The responsibility for my personal information is updated incumbent on me and I can always contact hoteloasia.dk to delete or modify the information. My information is stored in Oasia.dks customer database owned by hoteloasia.dk and are treated according to Law on Personal Data. Membership is free and without obligation.


3.1 I consent that hoteloasia.dk may disclose my personal information for the partners they have. The partners who provide services on behalf of hoteloasia.dk and thus who need to use my information to provide the services. The dissemination is done under strict rules of confidentiality and restriction on use and disclosure of personal information. I am at all times ensured that my information is never passed on to a third party without given my consent. However, hoteloasia.dk in cases can give my personal information to the judicial authorities in accordance with the above.

Hoteloasia.dk will periodically collect information from me, which is not in any way identity-giving in terms of age, geography etc. This information is used for general customer calculations and therefore not affiliated with specific addresses, names or other personal information. The information collected will mostly be used for editorial purposes and periodically purposes internally.


According to the Law on Personal Data hoteloasia.dk has at any time agreed to use my personal data according to the rules of this Act.